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At Thermal Innovations Corp., we provide state-of-the-art solutions to your thermal processing and treatment needs. An expert in multiple heating technologies, we are able to create modular or completely custom thermal processing systems that precisely match your space, price, and performance needs. With a portfolio of past work spanning everyday commercial to advanced industrial applications, we have the experience necessary to meet your needs.

We were recently contracted by multiple customers looking to take advantage of our competence with Gas Infrared applications. This heating technology is one of the most powerful available, able to dry and cure very large, irregularly shaped objects. Few other thermal developers can design and build complete Gas IR systems for specific applications, as we did in the examples highlighted here.

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Gas Infrared Panel
Gas Infrared Panel
Dried Bulldozer Blade
Dried Bulldozer Blade
Dried Payloader Part
Dried Payloader Part

For one particular customer, a large scale manufacturer of earth moving equipment, we developed a process thermal dryer for primer and paint on large pieces. This extremely large system can take bulldozer rams; dry the primer in 9 minutes, and then dry the topcoat in another 18 minutes after. In the customer’s previous system, which used unheated convection, the same amount of drying took 24 hours. For another customer, this one, a farm equipment manufacturer, we used the same technology to create a 6’ wide, 10’ high preheating bay for large powder-coated pieces. Gelling of the coating took 3 minutes alone.

Our Gas IR technology continues to be available for high-demand drying and curing applications, where the speed required or physical size would prevent other thermal processing manufacturers from delivering. We can design and build complete custom systems for your particular application’s needs, with controls tailored to your desired levels of precision and fine-tuned thermal processing. We also provide Gas IR heaters as modular units for use in your manufacturing systems and can design around other heating technologies as your particular needs require.

For more information about us, our capabilities, and our portfolio of past projects, contact us directly.

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