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At Thermal Innovations Corp., we engineer and manufacture complete thermal treating systems as well as fully custom thermal equipment. Possessing a technical know-how on both classic convection and state-of-the-art radiation heating strategies, we can deliver thermal processing products that are worlds away in capability from other offerings. Combined with our dedication to specific customer needs, we are poised to provide smartly engineered, cost-effective solutions to your thermal processing needs.

We have been contracted many times by our customer base to provide Custom Inline Ovens for commercial and industrial purposes. With these orders, we were usually selected for our reputation in handling highly nuanced customer designs and project requirements, or for our ability in delivering complete systems that remove the need for more outside work. We have constructed and delivered both small-scale batch thermal systems and large, continuous process thermal systems.

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Inline Fixtured Electronics Potting Oven
Inline Fixtured Electronics Potting Oven
Inline Powder Curing Oven
Inline Powder Curing Oven

In one particular example, we designed and built a small PLC-controlled oven for curing of electrical potting materials. Incorporated into the design were an infrared heater, flight bar fixturing for robotic automated insertion and removal of pieces, and an overall layout that ensures a small footprint. The customer also required high precision curing control in the design, as the final components would form critical links in vehicular airbag systems. We were chosen explicitly for our ability to combine these heat treatment features with a highly specified physical design.

In another example, we were recruited to develop a combination infrared and convection design for a customer needing a complete system for powder coating. Starting off with their requirements, we built a dual system that incorporated overhead coating, allowing for a compact design without compromise. Our approach allowed them to cut the cure times by more than half compared to their previous powder coating system. This was an attractive advantage that they could then advertise to their customers. Additionally, our system was flexible enough for testing and evaluation of new coatings, moving a previously tedious external process in-house and, therefore making it more cost-effective.

We have developed hundreds of complete thermal treating systems for a wide array of major customers, including many Fortune 100 companies. Our vast portfolio of experience, along with our outstanding focus on innovative problem-solving, allows us to build for even the most demanding of customers. For more information about our other projects, or to learn about our capabilities, feel free to contact us directly.

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